Problem with Sony VGP-BPL2 battery or Sony VGP-BPS2 battery

My original Sony VGN-S460 laptop battery finally stopped working, so i decided to buy a new 6600mah battery. I tried to search online and found Sony sold its battery for more than $200.00. Then i changed my mind and ordered a VGP-BPL2 replacement battery from an online website. The battery was delivered to me quickly. [...]

Development Trends For Sony Laptops/Notebooks

After several years of sustained hardware acceleration, dell business notebooks gradually cast off the previous image of ordinary appearance and function. Today, more and more notebooks not only come with beautiful appearance but also have more fascinating features with smooth speed. With the spread of wideband and mobile internet, notebook, turns to reflect more features [...]

Tips for Buying Cheap Sony Laptop Battery

Usually, an original Sony laptop battery can be used for a couple of years before it completely goes dead. Then you will probably think about buying another original one from Sony at a very high price. Now I would like to suggest that buying a cheap replacement battery is also a wise choice.