Advice For Laptop Battery Wearing Down

Posted on September 6, 2011
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Nowadays, laptop is playing a very important role in our daily life. This makes laptop battery more indispensable. However, do you know how to make batteries last longer and what to do when they run out?

Generally speaking, an ordinary sony vgp-bps8 battery can probably last for 2 to 3 years. Each time when you charge your battery, the total capacity is gradually diminishing. For example, it may originally run for 3 hours, but after a year it will run out of juice at only 1 hour. If the battery capacity is diminishing, maybe you could do something about it. You may first correctly check how much capacity it has been lost. These will compare your battery’s maximum capacity as to how long it lasted when it was new. Second, you may try to calibrate your battery. Usually battery loses power over time due to chemical reactions taking place inside it. In many laptops, the power meter of the operating system gets out of sync with how much juice the battery has. Sometimes, your laptop shuts down abruptly when the power meter shows you have 20 minutes left, or the power meter warns that you only have several minutes of battery life and shut your laptop down, when it really has 30 minutes left. Therefore, recalibrating can make the battery meter to correctly read the current state of the battery so that you know the existing battery life.

Since we mentioned recalibrating, then how to recalibrate the sony vgp-bps9 battery? First, you may fully charge your battery and leave it that way for at least 2 hours. Then you may unplug the laptop and set its power management to never turn off or lower the monitor brightness (refer to the instructions provided by the laptop manufacturer). You may then drain the battery completely and then let your laptop sit for at least 6 hours or overnight. Afterwards, you may recharge it and you should notice a more accurate display of your battery capacity. Sometimes, you can even get more life out of it.

Meanwhile, we also need to pay attention to disposal of the wearing or dying batteries. When the batteries fail to work correctly after a couple of years, some people may simply throw them away, but this is not right. Laptop batteries contain lots of toxic chemicals and should never end up in landfills. You may drop by a recycling plant which aims to collect recyclable items. If you can’t find a recycling plant available around your area, you may search online or ask your local government for assistance.

After the battery is properly disposed of, you may consider obtaining a new battery. Usually when your battery can only hold around 20% of its original capacity, it’s probably the time for a new replacement. You can buy a replacement battery from the original laptop manufacturer at a higher price or simply find a discounted and quality-assured battery from some online battery sellers.


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