Problem with Sony VGP-BPL2 battery or Sony VGP-BPS2 battery

Posted on September 1, 2010
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My original Sony VGN-S460 laptop battery finally stopped working, so i decided to buy a new 6600mah battery. I tried to search online and found Sony sold its battery for more than $200.00. Then i changed my mind and ordered a VGP-BPL2 replacement battery from an online website. The battery was delivered to me quickly. Since it’s an extended 6600mah battery, it looks a little bigger than the original 4400mah one. Anyway, it did fit my Sony VGN-S460 laptop.

After receiving the sony VGP-BPL2 battery, i charged it in my laptop overnight. My laptop showed it was 100% charged when I booted up under AC power with the battery installed. However, a problem happened in a minute after booting up. My laptop got an error message saying the battery wasn’t properly inserted or wasn’t a genuine Sony battery. After that, the notebook went into hibernation and the battery needed to be removed. At that time, i was a little regretted that i did not directly buy from Sony, even Sony’s price is several times higher. Before i was ready to throw in the towel, a practical sentence came in my mind: Have you tried to google before you ask others? Then i tried to google this problem. To my surprise, many other guys also experienced the same problem with those replacement batteries for sony laptops. A clever person said the error message must be from some Sony software running in the background. He looked in his Starup files, and found there are several files running from Program Files/Sony/… He tried eliminating a couple of suspects, and finally found which program is causing the problem. It’s called “ISBMgr.exe” and is in Program Files/Sony/ISB Utility/. After removing that file from his startup, his new VGP-BPL2 battery was working fine.

In fact, the exe. file has nothing to do with operating system (Windows XP or Vista);  It is a file created to disable the laptop when any “not capable Battery” is replaced with original sony laptop battery. In other word, Sony wants you to buy their battery for $400 while you can buy it online for $50!! Here is the solution:

Note: the ONLY reason of this file to be in your laptop is to disable laptop when you use different brand of battery rather than sony, so don’t be scare to delete this file from your computer! Here is how: file location: C/program files/Sony/ISB Utility/ISBMgr.exe (in some laptop, it appears as “ISBMgr,” without exe. extension), go ahead right click and try to delete this file: “ISBMgr.exe”. First of all you need to be in administrator account to give the permission to do so. BUT, in most cases that don’t work either because the file is protected or hidden.


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