Development Trends For Sony Laptops/Notebooks

Posted on August 21, 2010
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After several years of sustained hardware acceleration, dell business notebooks gradually cast off the previous image of ordinary appearance and function. Today, more and more notebooks not only come with beautiful appearance but also have more fascinating features with smooth speed. With the spread of wideband and mobile internet, notebook, turns to reflect more features compared with those old versions. It mainly includes the following major areas.

1. Unlimited wireless internet access

Wireless internet access has been a great shackle to notebook. At the initial stage, the wireless internet technology has to be equiped with other assorted hardwares. If you do not know the local password, then you only have to wait. Even though there has been some sort of improvements, notebook still can’t be used for a whole day without limitation, while the working environment is the place not available for wireless networks. With the network infrastructure and hardware upgrades, this problem can surely be solved in the future.

2. External Camera

Nowadays, almost every notebook has a camera, which is really more practical than before. However, a single built-in camera sometimes can bring a lot of inconvenience. For example, if there are any outdoor measurement work required to take a panorama of the building blocks, the built-in camera starts to expose its shortcomings without a doubt. All the work can not be accomplished effectively unless you take an additional DV or DC. The content of commercial work is varied, so business professionals’ working needs should be taken into consideration and camera design should be more creative and practical.

3. Interconnection with mobile phone

As a new network terminal, mobile phone has been more and more used for news browsing, microblogging, chatting, etc., however notebook’s internnection with mobile phone still can’t be fully achieved in data transfer and information sharing.

4. Faster processing speed

As a light-oriented notebook, it is portable in size and its performance should also be steadily improved, otherwise it is difficult to meet the growing busness needs. Under the current configuration of common standards, many business notebook are still stuck in the stages of text messages and picture processing. For simultaneous processing of high quality pictures, video and other tasks, it appears far from satisfaction. It is a general trend that notebooks will surpass desktop in the future. Some big brand PC manufacturers such as Sony has taken a small step in launching some fast processor notebooks to the market.

5. Long standby

It is common for business people to go on an errand for a couple of weeks. Mobile phone, as one of the mobile business tools, has partially achieved long standby to meet customers’ needs. However, there is a delay in notebook development in this regard. Notebook has more powerful features than mobile phone and is more frequently used. If this problem can not be solved, it is bound to affect users’ experience of notebook. Manufacturers can also design batteries of different capacities. Take Sony VGP-BPL9 battery for example, there are different capacities at 4400mah, 6600mah and even higher. If people want a longer standby, they can also purchase a high capacity Sony laptop battery.


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